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Discover Authentic Mexican Flavors: April Food Picks at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

Welcome to our monthly culinary journey at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, where we bring the vibrant flavors of Mexico to your table. This April, we're excited to showcase some of our most beloved dishes that embody the essence of Mexican cuisine. Join us as we dive into a delectable array of flavors and explore the diverse offerings on the Guadalajara menu.

Tex mex nachos served with fajitas

Tex Mex Nachos: A Taste Sensation

Satisfy your cravings for bold flavors and hearty portions with our Tex-Mex Nachos. Crafted with care and bursting with mouthwatering ingredients, these nachos are a crowd favorite at Guadalajara Restaurant. Topped with sautéed onions, peppers, and three types of protein, each bite offers a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

seafood soup in Syracuse

Seafood Soup: A Symphony of Seafood

Dive into a bowl of oceanic bliss with our Seafood Soup, a culinary masterpiece that celebrates the bounty of the sea. At Guadalajara Mexican, we take pride in using only the freshest ingredients, and our seafood soup is no exception. Brimming with mussels, squid, scallops, and tilapia, each spoonful is a symphony of flavors that transports you to the shores of Mexico.


Margarona: A Refreshing Twist on Tradition

Looking for the perfect beverage to complement your meal? Look no further than our signature Margarona! A unique creation exclusive to Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, this delightful concoction combines the classic flavors of a margarita with a refreshing twist—an inverted bottle of Corona.

Experience the authentic flavors of Mexico at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant this April. From savory Tex-Mex Nachos to refreshing Margarita cocktails and comforting Seafood Soup, our menu offers something for everyone to enjoy. Join us for a culinary journey unlike any other and discover why Guadalajara is the go-to destination for Mexican food in Syracuse.

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